God Save The Zine

God Save The (Diplomacy) Zine

GSTZ is a Diplomacy zine from Stephen Agar, intended either for someone who wants to play Diplomacy at a slower pace or who wants to complement their online Diplomacy activity with participation in a zine community and an occasional dip into the UK Diplomacy Archives.

It’s Free – Subscribe

Subscribe to God Save The (Diplomacy) Zine by filling in the simple form below. Your email address is only ever used to send you the zine (or the odd email about the zine), it will not be shared with anyone else.

PDF copies of the zine will be emailed to everyone who signs up to the GSTZ mailing list.

Deadlines for games and contributions will be the last Friday of the month, with each issue coming out shortly thereafter.

Back Issues

You can download back issues here.

Diplomacy games and Diplomacy variants will be played by email and will be adjudicated by hand, not by some website somewhere. That means we can look at playing some unusual variants that might not otherwise be available to play.

If you would like to join a game of Diplomacy or one of the other waiting lists, please email me.

The Diplomacy House Rules are here. If you like Diplomacy, you might also be interested in the UK Diplomacy Archive.